For over a century spent Artesian from Moree’s famous Hot Artesian Pools has been discharged into the Mehi River. To solve an environmental issue and provide health, well being and regional sustainability, Moree Plains Shire Council in consultation with the Moree Water Ski Club (MWSC) developed an idea to reuse the water by building a community Water Park situated in the Evergreen Precinct 10 km south of Moree.

Now with the help of the community MWSC has partnered with Council to take on the task of developing the site into a state of the art recreational facility.

The Moree Water Park includes two tournament standard ski lakes built in compliance with international standards and a recreational circuit lake almost 2.5 klms around.

The lakes are filling at around 1.2 million litres of water per day, the two smaller lakes are now operation and it’s hoped the large circuit lake will be ready for use by the 2020/21 summer.

Now the work begins.

The club would now like to invite all interested people to become involved with this community project. The Community lake will have a multitude of uses including non powered activities such as triathlons, dragon boat racing, sailing, paddle boarding etc. The MWSC has made provision for sub clubs within its structure.

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