MWSC features on NBN News

Representatives from Moree Water Ski Club chatted with NBN about the upcoming competition to be held at Moree Water Park this Saturday, September 24.

Vice President of the Club, Phil Chrisite, stated the event will be a great opportunity to get feedback on the park from some of Australia’s Water skiing elite.

“It’s going to be great to get guys that have skied all around the world to come down and rate our site. Which from what we’ve seen, is second to none,” states Christie.

Along with the competition, the club will be hosting a come and try day on Sunday 25, for anyone wishing to try their hand at the course or learn how to ski.

According to former councillor, James von Drehnen, the main objective of the park is to drive community involvement.

“I think the biggest opportunity for this park is to use it as a tool to bring the community together” he stated.

Watch the full interview here:


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